About Us

What is Tackgram?

Tackgram is the best platform for entertainment to tell your jokes, find fun events, connect with people who share your interests and more. Through this social media platform, users are empowered to post what's on their mind as they interact with the world. Interaction includes direct messages, sharing experiences with hashtags and beyond. Wherever there is popular humor or entertainment we strive for it to occur on Tackgram first.

What does Tackgram mean?

The meaning behind Tackgram is inspired by our goal to provide you with a safe place to "Tack" your Posts. When you choose Tackgram to "Tack" your thoughts, opinions and artistry on your wall you get to make it your own.  Whatever you choose to "Tack" on your wall is respected as your freedom of speech. As long as it does not infringe on others' right to freedom of speech or discriminate in any way, then Tackgram is a place you can call home. 

Tackgram features

•    Discover what your favorite sports, news, comedic celebrities, and entertainment thought leaders are talking about in real time.
•    Experience dynamic media — like photos, videos, and GIFs.
•    Repost, share, favorite, or reply to posts in your timeline.
•    Write a post to let the world know what’s happening with you.
•    Create a poll to make your followers interact with it.

Trends for you
•    See what hashtags are trending now.

•    Find out who started following you.
•    Discover which of your posts were favorited or reposted.
•    Respond to replies or be alerted to posts you were mentioned in.
•    Discover which of your events people were “interested” or “planned to go”.
•    Find out who invited you to a new event.

Direct Messages
•    Chat with friends, family and followers privately by using end-to-end encryption.
•    Share posts and other media.

•    Customize your profile with a photo, bio, location, and background photo.
•    Look back at your posts, reposts, replies, media, polls, jokes and favorites.

•    Get suggestions on influential people to follow.
•    Sync your contacts to find friends currently on Tackgram or invite more.

•    Tell your jokes to make others laugh and start a reaction.

•    See what events are around you or create one.

Tackgram emotional reactions  (SOON)
•    Express your reaction to posts by using “Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry” emojis.

About Us

Tackgram was founded in 2017 and publicly released 2019 out of the need for more user privacy, tools, support and user engagement which unfortunately are commonly found in social media. We believe with the combination of our privacy technology and arming users with tools to safeguard their personal data we can encourage users to have even more interactions and take full confidence in a platform that always puts their users first.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect your privacy. We want users to be able to enter a safe haven away from the daily scams, telemarketers, phishing, or any other ways of annoying contact. Users deserve to have a pure form of entertainment with maximum security and tools to increase personal privacy to their liking.

Contact Us

Message us: Your official source for 24/7 Tackgram support @Support.

Follow us: Follow our support team for the latest tips and tricks @Support.

Effective: July 03, 2019